Shhh! We’re reading Angel Rising by LaVerne Thompson


Samuel is an immortal hunter, offspring of a human mother and soulless father. He has devoted his life to hunting down the soulless who harm and feed on humans. That is, until he meets Thalya, a soulless woman with the power to capture his heart. This is a true enemies to lovers story. Once Thalya meets Samuel she realizes that what she thinks she knows about her and the other soulless is limited and inaccurate. As the two work together to find out what is going on they are also drawn to each other in inexplicable ways. Both try to fight their attraction and deny the feelings but there is more to their love than they can fight. Can their love be an offer of redemption for the soulless? The teasing scenes of intimacy that keep getting cut short really heighten the sexual tension for the readers as well as…

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